Artcafé came out of an idea that reflects the culture of our past, of a land steeped in tradition and art, of a life experience and passion for our work. We judged our coffee like exacting and stringent art critics, bringing to life a product that does justice to a city that is as beautiful as it is demanding, and that gazes on Europe with taste and refinement.

Its aroma welcomes us on waking every morning, it seals our daily encounter with food, it celebrates the firmer bonds of friendship and fresh encounters.

Beloved 'drug', indispensable at every latitude, "Qahwah" (the original name of the coffee, which means "stimulating" or "exciting") is in reality the most widespread beverage throughout the world due to its effects, its dynamism, the intellectual attention it seems able to stimulate. This drink is obtained from the seeds of a fruit (a drupe) similar to a cherry. The coffee plant is an evergreen shrub that belongs to the Rubiaceae family, Coffea genus.







The two main varieties are:

- Coffea Arabica: more prized. This is the more delicate variety that needs care in cultivation, that loves to vegetate in particular climatic conditions, and that grows at an altitude of between 900 and 2,000m a.s.l. This is the more widespread and aromatic quality that contains a percentage of caffeine between 0.8% and 1.5%, a percentage of oils of 18%, and sugars of around 8%.

- Coffea Robusta: more productive. The variety that is more resistant to disease, that withstands more complex climatic conditions, and that grows at an altitude of between 200 and 800m a.s.l. This is a more bitter, more robust quality that contains a percentage of caffeine ranging from 1.7% to 3.5% and a percentage of oils of approximately 8% to 9%. Coffee grows in a hundred countries in the Tropical - Equatorial band (Tropic of Cancer - Tropic of Capricorn) scattered throughout all the continents of the globe, excluding Europe, passing from shrubs that still grow wild in the woods of Ethiopia, to the intensive industrialized plantations of Brazil.




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